Digital Storytelling


Digital stories

Modern art will become the domain of stories once again

Marc Rietdijk

Public Underground Research Center


Nyusha Glenn

Syncho, a photo comic artbook

Petra Katanic

Mama, doe het licht uit, zo kan ik mijn dromen niet zien

Gerwald  Radsma

Revalator 1.0, An art game

Introducing the Artists

Petra Katanic

Marc Rietdijk

Marc is een verhalenverteller en dat doet hij met beelden. Twee- of driedimensionaal en al dan niet bewegend. Beelden die aanzetten tot kijken, waar je in kunt verdwalen en die ruimte aan de verbeelding overlaten.

Zijn fotografie is een zoektocht: Hoeveel beeld heb je nodig? Wanneer verandert kijken in zien? En zien in beleven en verbeelden?

Nyusha Glenn

“In the darkness that seems oppressive and endless,
you will have to find the light of the moment and the situation yourself,
to see that it is never completely dark, even though it creates the illusion that it is.” -ng-

Glenn is an International Autonoom Photographer and Digital Artist / Photo Comic Artist.
Creating Autonomous conceptual & Illustrative storytelling images.

Gerwald Radsma

Gerwald Radsma (1977): “We see ourselves in a mirror. With our senses, we try to capture the world and process it through cognition. We are the measure of all things. At the same time, our environment is also the measure for ourselves. Without external feedback, it seems like we do not exist at all. As a traveler, I observe the psyche, as a walker through a colourful world in search of insight. This project as a whole is an ordeal of myself on myself, to eventually manifest myself as my true self.”

Gerwald teaches at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. He studies psychology and philosophy.